Can this draw from a 30' water well?
No this has a 6-foot lift capacity

We want to use a rain barrel for watering plants in the greenhouse, does this pump shut off when you turn the hose off?
Yes. This is a pressure demand pump

Does this pump have a built in pressure switch?
Yes, it will automatically stop running when pressure is full

What kind of converter is need to attach to normal 120v wall outlet? Is there a different model similar to this but has a wall plug?
The converter you would need is a 120vac to 12vdc converter. These can be found on Amazon or at Best Buy. Currently we only have 12 volt models

Does the pump come with its own power supply?
No it needs a 12-volt power source such as an auto battery

Will this pump be able to pump water out of a few 55 gallon drums?

Is there a fuse? Where is the fuse located?
It is located by the power switch under a plastic tab cover. 250v 10A fuse

Does this put out suitable pressure to use for hosing down a boat deck? I would draw in the lake water and hose down the deck from the outlet.
Yes, it would be enough pressure. Be certain to have an inlet screen to keep lake debris from entering the pump

What size is the water inlet and outlet connections?
The inlet and outlets are standard garden hose thread ¾”.

Is this pump approved for potable water use?
Yes. Pump itself is for fresh ware use. All hoses and fittings are lead free and approved for potable water use

Can I power this unit by hooking it directly to my RV battery to pump water from a tank in my truck to the RV tank?

Made in USA?
Yes. This unit is manufactured in Denver Colorado

Can this product be connected directly to a power outlet in my house?
No. This unit is a DC pump and is powered by 12 volts DC only.