About Us


 Our Story

Founded in 2013, USA Adventure Gear is located in Parker Colorado. We started out by solving the problem of filling a RV fresh water tank without having to lift a heavy 5 gallon water container in a national forest campground. We did this by designing and manufacturing the Glacier Ruggedized Portable Water Pump. 

Our Mission is to create and seek out exceptional and innovative products designed, built or assembled in the USA for the outdoor recreation market, while providing exceptional customer service.

Our Vision

  • Quality
    USA Adventure Gear provides innovative products that provide outdoor enthusiasts with what they need to enjoy the outdoors with ease. All of our products are built with durable and long lasting materials to exceed customer expectations.
  • Integrity
    USA Adventure Gear believes in doing things the right way and to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics when working with our partners, employees, and supporting our customers.
  • Development
    USA Adventure Gear is always developing new, innovative products that speak directly to consumer’s needs and wants. We are invested in personal and professional growth and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Team
    USA Adventure Gear has a team of professionals who have a commitment to value and respect all team members to strive towards common goals. Our team’s number one objective is to focus on serving our customers.
  • Innovation
    USA Adventure Gear’s goal is to overcome challenges with creativity and real world applications of valuable products that are needed in the outdoor world. We not only want feedback from our customers but we are always thinking of new ways to enhance the outdoor experience.
  • Stewardship
    USA Adventure Gear also has the environment in mind. We give back to national parks, national forest and other publicly owned areas to ensure that things are left better than they are found in order to protect the environment.
  • Product Manufacturing
    We make every effort to source our parts and labor in the USA. In some products, we may utilize parts from other countries as they are not available from US based manufacturers. Our goal to to have all of our products assembled in the USA. USA Adventure Gear is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.