ProGear Advanced RV Water Filtration | Removes Bacteria Viruses Parasites Cysts on contact | Filters Chemicals Insecticides Chlorine Iron and Lead | 21st century award winning USA developed technology

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  • The ProGear Water Filter System is ideal for RV’s, 5th wheels, camper vans, tiny homes, cabins and boats. Anywhere clean safe water is needed. Filters up to 5 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Our ProGear Advanced 3 Stage RV Water Filtration System includes a 5-micron sediment filter, a 5-micron activated carbon filter, and a .2-micron BacteriaProtect electropositive membrane filter
  • Protection against bacteria, viruses, parasite and cysts. USA Adventure Gear’s BacteriaProtect filters use NASA-developed technology to remove or reduce bacteria, viruses, parasites, and cysts.
  • Ultimate Protection from particles, chemicals, metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites and cysts while providing high flow and low pressure drop.
  • Rugged, High-Impact Case. Crushproof, dustproof and weather-resistant with heavy-duty handle. All stainless-steel fittings with standard garden hose connections, fully integrated filter housings
  • Lightweight, compact and simple to use. The lightest most compact water filtration system on the market
  • BacteriaProtect nano ceramic filter recognition for advanced technology includes R&D Magazine’s “R&D 100” award, a SIBR award from NASA for new technology development, and has been inducted into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame.
  • Designed and assembled in the USA with components from North America and Europe
  • Filter certifications include NSF/ANSI Standard 42 certification for material requirements only
  • FILTERS ARE INCLUDED AND INSTALLED WITH THE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM. What's in the Box? 1 Sediment Filter 1 Activated Carbon Filter 1 Nano Cermaic Filter. Filter Housing Wrench. Silicon Lubricant. Female to Female SS Fitting. Instructions