Donating your RV for Natural Disaster Survivors - How you can help!

Donating your RV for Natural Disaster Survivors - How you can help!

Denise Krenning

Once in a great while, a story hits you in the face and you want to share it with the world.  

It starts with a desire to make a difference based on a bad situation. We all know the devastation of the wildfires faced in the West each year. Many of us are readers and maybe will donate money or read the headline while shaking our head wondering if fighting fires every summer is just part of climate change. Most of us are fortunate enough never to face the horror of watching hot flames destroy your home and life. But for others, living in sections of once beautiful California and other Western areas, it's a stark summer reality.   

Woody Faircloth and his 9 year old daughter, Luna were some of those people, simply watching the news one evening during Thanksgiving in 2018. The news video showed a family fleeing in an RV from the deadly Camp Fire in California. They watched as the father, who had just lost everything, point to his mobile RV and express his heartful thanks for having a place to call home for Thanksgiving.

Faircloth and Luna had never been in a motorhome before but they felt compelled to help. Looking at her Dad, Luna who was 6 at the time, decided Santa Claus would be so proud of them it they could get an RV and give it to a family in need. How could Woody say no to that? 

The search for their first RV started on Craigslist and within three days, Woody and Luna were packed up and driving the $2500 motorhome from Denver CO to the victims of the Dixit Campfire wildfire in California.    
Woody Faircloth donating a RV to Dixie Fire Survivors

With that first RV donation, was born and has taken on a life of its own. The Denver based organization has given away over 110 RV's to natural disaster victims, keeping families together and from becoming homeless as they work through the process of rebuilding their homes and lives.   

As most of us know, Colorado was devastated by the Marshall Fire in December 2021. Over 1000 homes were lost and thousands of people displaced in the cities of Louisville and Superior CO. Faircloth is from Denver so of course he stepped into action, recently donating at Class A RV to a Combat Marine Hero. The father served two tours in Iraq before an IED ended his career. They chose Colorado as their new home only to have it taken away by a sudden windstorm that turned deadly.  

Emergency RV
A Donated Class A RV arriving for a Marshall Fire Hero Family. 

In this world of upside downs, good news can get buried under the headlines. We think Woody and Luna are true heros as well.  If you have an RV in working order, Woody can make good use of it and of course it's tax deductible. If you don't have an RV, is grateful for cash donations. They are always looking for volunteers as well, especially for people who know RV's.