5 Must Have Tools Every RV Needs on the Road

5 Must Have Tools Every RV Needs on the Road

Denise Krenning

The freedom of hitting the road in our RV comes with anticipation of the trip ahead and memorable experiences. Keep your stress level down by having these items ready for any unexpected Mayhem moment.  

1. Roadside Emergency Kit

You don’t want to be left on the road with a flat tire or a dead battery. Never leave home without a good emergency roadside kit. This kit comes with jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kit and air compressor. 

2. 170 Piece Tool Kit

It's more than a smart idea to keep a tool kit in the RV with tools that allow you to repair most areas of your RV. You can save some serious bucks by repairing or installing the items yourself wherever you are on your trip. This set includes some of the most common handy tools such as a socket set, wrenches, pliers, hammer, screwdriver and more.

3. Battery Terminal Cleaner

If you are having issues starting your RV, check the battery terminal connection. Corrosion can build up around the terminal which causes a bad connection. Using a battery terminal cleaner ensures  a good connection. 

4. RV Tire Repair Kit

Having a flat RV tire is no fun and dangerous and can happen at any moment. This kit is heavy duty and comes with tire plugs, solid pliers, tire repair instructions and a 1 year warranty.  Don’t be left with a flat tire! 

5. Portable Air Compressor

This is the best portable air compressor for fast inflation of smaller tires for bikes and  air mattresses. It is not recommended to air up a larger tire for an RV, Car or Truck. It runs off a 12V lighter adapter with a AC/DC switch for 110V wall plug as well. 

All of these items are fairly lightweight, packaged nicely to stay organized  and will stow nicely in your RV compartments. If you're new to Rving, this list gets you started with the goal of being prepared and safe on the road! 



Happy and Safe Trails Everyone!   


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