Folding Solar Charger. Lightweight 10 Watts with 5 Folding Panels


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 Summer usually means spending time in the great outdoors. Nothing could be more perfect than our highly-rated, folding portable solar charger to power up your phones and other devices.  

It is ultra-light and even has a compass - making this your ideal travel companion. The solar panels easily fold like an accordion and after use, the handle can be easily attached to your bag or backpack. 

This device is environmentally-friendly since it doesn't have a built-in lithium battery. Charging is made via direct sunlight through the enclosed USB and micro ports.

 Highly-recommended for outdoor activities like camping, biking, hiking, trekking and even just for emergency purposes. 

Size: 153 x 75 x 25mm expandable to 520mm

 Capacity: 10W with 5 folding solar panels