Dry January 2019 – 5 Reasons to get on the Sober Bus

by Denise Krenning

I’m doing the Dry January challenge and so that means I’m into this challenge 5 days now. How’s it going? Well, it’s been pretty easy since I’ve also been down with a nasty cold virus. Nothing stops pouring a glass a wine like the terrible metallic taste in your mouth from a cold or flu. Yum, I can taste a hint of cherry and apple with my cough drop.

I’m a daily wine drinker so taking on this challenge was not something I took lightly. My usual glass of wine starts at cooking cause who cooks without wine? Seriously. I think there’s a law that states “NO COOKING WITHOUT WINE. Truly. If there isn’t, there otta be. Just saying.

But there are great advantages to taking this challenge not just for your liver.

It’s a CHALLENGE! It’s a new year and a perfect way to start challenging yourself. If you can get through 31 days of this, what else can you do? Maybe this is the year to run that 5K marathon or start your online business (I can help with that too!) and or join a sewing club. Or maybe you want to craft beer or MAKE WINE. I see a pattern.

Magical SLEEP. You will sleep better and have more energy to get HEALTHY for the New Year. That means that marathon will HAPPEN because your focus is clearer. Instead of rolling over cause you had one too many, you will put your feet on the floor and start the movement of exercise instead of excuses. Win Win.

LOSE WEIGHT. Is your goal to lose weight? Well, not drinking for a month will help with that. Those empty (yet delicious-can’t deny it) calories will work towards your advantage. The standard drink has 150 calories and 10-20 grams of carbs if you are following a KETO diet. Why not add to the success of your weight lost instead of sabotaging it. It’s a small plus that can add up to lots of inches and pounds within your first month of your diet resolution. PUT THE WINE GLASS AWAY. (Sorry, that was for me. Blogging also is a great wine companion.)

MONEY! How much money can you save because you didn’t spend it on alcohol? Let’s say you drink two bottles of wine a week. A decent bottle is $12-15 bucks times two = $30 times 4 = $120.00. You just got yourself a down payment on a spring vacation or new Nikes for your marathon. Apparently, I want to run a marathon since I’m sober now.

LIVER Reboot– Let your liver rest. Your liver needs less poison. In the world of toxins, fast food, prescriptions, sugar and carbs, cutting alcohol out even for a month will make your liver happy. Everyone should have a happy liver cause then the rest of the body WORKS and your mind and body can do those other challenges you’ve signed up for this year. HAPPY HAPPY LIVER!

Those are just a few WHY’S to do this. Now here’s a few ways to be successful.

Get a buddy. There’s nothing like have someone’s back in this challenge. Everyone has a weak point. My is…wait for it…., cooking and blogging. My sister’s is Thursday and Friday nights. My daughter loves her Sunday Bitch’s Brunch. Knowing these are their trigger’s, I make sure and reach out to each of them and support them through their “GLASS TIME.”

Find a tasty substitute. For me, BUBBLE or LaCroix has been a life saver. Instead of popping a cork, I’m popping a pop can. Pour it in a wine glass, and Ta da! You have a sparkling fake glass of wine. My sister has been drinking Lemo Lemonade. Try Iced tea in your beer glass. It’s a good color for beer. Just find something nonalcoholic tasty that goes in your normal alcohol glass. You’re trying to trick your mind and eyes.

Keep it on the down low. (Oops…blogging this probably won’t accomplish this). This is your personal challenge and unless you are telling people to help support you, you don’t need to let anyone know you’re going dry. If you’re used to going to weekly happy hours, or meet ups after work, order soda water with lime. It looks like Vodka or Gin and if they ask, tell them your dieting or saving pennies or buy them a drink to change the subject. Works every time. Sucks on the saving money part tho.

Shake up your routine. Let’s say you’re that person that works 8-5, Monday-Friday. You rush in from your commute, grab the chicken and open wine bottle from the fridge and start cooking. (I personally DON”T KNOW ANYONE like this but I can image). Instead of cooking, hubby did it for you! Or the kids (so cute) made din din sandwich for you so you can sit, relax and have BUBBLE.

Replace your alcohol time with healthy habits. Go to that exercise class at 5:15 instead. Work on the honey to do list. TURN OFF THE TV. Alcohol and TV are Velcro. The dog wants his walk and that online blog needs attention. (Again, check out my blog for help here).


Remember, this is YOUR challenge and if you decide to cheat or you slip up, it’s ok. It’s 31 days out of your life. It’s a great way to be accountable to yourself and your Nikes or whatever the WHY was to follow this course. Here’s the beauty too. Remember, there are 365 days this year (359 now) so you can drink 334 of them if you want. I don’t recommend that however in the big picture, you won’t miss these 31 days. Try to find the lightness of this challenge. It’s a small thing really but it can have a very positive outcome.

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